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About Us

Equicross is now EQ Manufacturing. As our line of offerings continues to grow, we realized that the name Equicross no longer reflects our commitment to offering a diverse range of products serving our clients’ crowd control needs in countless applications. As our product range has expanded, we’ve decided to transition to a brand that better encompasses our wide variety of crowd control solutions.

EQ Manufacturing has been dedicated to producing affordable and high quality crowd and traffic control solutions since 1998. Our product selection features a full line of items to fit any budget or application, from crowd management to queue control to vehicular traffic direction. Whether you require something economical or a high-end top of the line item, there’s an EQmanufacturing product to meet your needs. From metal barricades to retractable belt stanchions to plastic posts to traffic cones and much more, our offerings have been successfully implemented in airports, cities, major events, government projects and much more!


Traffic Control

EQ Manufacturing offers a broad range of traffic control solutions for many different applications including parking lots, road work and more. Our line includes a full range of traffic cones in various colors and sizes, delineator posts, modular rubber speed humps and vertical traffic panels. A number of our traffic control devices can even be customized with reflective striping for extra high visibility, or add your own logo or safety message to direct traffic or warn of hazards.



Our product line features a range of items essential to airport safety. Barricade and safety flags, low profile barriers, runway closure markers and more are all available to help ensure the smooth operation of such a critical facility. For inside the airport and other areas traveled by pedestrians, we’ve got retractable belt barriers and metal barricades to direct foot traffic and keep people from off-limits areas.